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Jan. 5th, 2013 11:01 pm
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I'm not even sure this thing is working but, uh, if it is, leave a message!

Erk, right! This is Obito's mail. Um, yes. Message. Do that. I'll call you.

(This post can be used for any messages directed at Obito, as well as any ooc contact you wish to make with me as a player~)
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[While last time Obito had been totally unaware of another him running around, but this time that wasn't the case at all... not that he knew what to make of this guy seeing as there were a few key differences when he popped up.

Like... having two eyes? He knew back home he was missing one!

And not being... everything he'd heard he was supposed to be. Thus, it made perfect sense that he didn't notice Neji taking off like an unattended toddler because... suddenly him.]

This. Is. Weird.

[The older of the two, by at least a few years, just gave him a look that was more than explanatory of what he thought of that statement.]

I'd noticed that, yeah. You might want to answer that though. [He pointed to the gear before pushing off the tree he'd been leaning against.] And I'm going to get a feel for this place, since I got one of those gear things too.

[After lifting the gear up to show he'd had it on, the older of the two left the younger behind with a grin, taking to the trees.]

(OOC: Okay! You can get either Obito! They're headed separate directions so catch them wherever you like. The older one has scars on his face, two eyes, and is from an AU where he got taken home after being smooshed, so be prepared for some alternate history boys and girls. Just let me know which you want! He'll be answering with [personal profile] twoeyedjounin.)
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[When the gear turns on, he's hidden in a tree, from the looks of things, leaning forward so the sky is behind him and his somewhat long, no one has pinned him for a haircut in months, hair is falling toward the gear as he looks past it at the ground.]

So, if anyone asks, I just maybe wanted to make lunch, I swear. I didn't think that the sink would explode like that and flood the place.

Ahh, but, erm. Advice on how to go about telling someone you accidentally murdered the food stash?

You know... before they find me.
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[Obito will be operating under the same set of standards during both day and night. At night, there just so happens to be a whole lot more of the entire 'and then Obito rushes off to help someone fight off things in battle' thing.

You can assume that if he knows you, he's going to be checking on you, making sure that you're armed, and know how to use said armament. Or that you have a buddy to keep you from being bowled over and brutally murdered. (He's going to be so irked when he finds out about the Dungeon. He will, of course, attempt to rescue anyone there once he actually explores that area. Whether or not it's people he knows isn't all that important to him. Because Dungeon.)

He'll be dragging people he knows off to the Armory as needed. Oh! And he might maybe see no reason not to kidnap people with a pink sigil to get in those areas. Namely, Faize. But he's willing to help anyone that needs his blue mark! Just say the word.]
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[The feed clicked on, and for the first time in months everyone got a view of an orange and dark blue clad shinobi. His goggles were off his face, and his headband was nowhere on his head, likely because he was trying to scrub something off of the metal plate and had it in his lap, but otherwise he looked well enough, a bit bigger, lankier, but otherwise, fine.

Some people would be able to note he looked much more at peace too, under his irritation.]

Okay, enough is enough!

I mean it.

I fall out of contact for a few weeks, and what happens? Everyone up and decides to go home! Let me tell you something. I am so not thrilled by this.

So I don't care if we fought last we talked, or haven't spoken in months for no good reason, or anything like that. If you recognize me, come say hello to me because I would like to know who is left around here.


This is stupid, and I apologize right now in a blanket 'yeah I get it, it's my fault too' for any and everything that might've kept us from talking.

But, seriously.

Hello and I want to talk to everyone, okay?
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[The gear may say Obito's number, but it is very definitely not Obito on the line... instead looking far, far closer to what you would get if Riku and Obito had a kid, come to think of it. Or maybe you shouldn't think about that. There are reasons why this is the look this particular person is sporting.

Have you guessed it's a pokemon? Because it is, and he's speaking very carefully, but relatively articulately, even if he does keep almost growling his Rs. And he was smiling. A lot.]

Hello everyone! I have been waiting and waiting to speak to all of you! For the best time! So hello!!!!

[He kept looking around, obviously a bit... paranoid that he shouldn't actually have stolen the gear, but Obito was training and he was sure he wouldn't be caught, at least, not immediately. Right? The Zoroark clearly wasn't keen on taking chances.]
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[Obito has a rather solemn look on his face as the camera is turned on, and he has a Ditto settled on his shoulder, the pink pokemon looking decidedly miserable as it leaned against the teen's neck.]

Hey guys. So... I know you've heard me on about Rin, both my teammate, and the boy I know, in my time here. The boy being one of those silver haired ones who started off a Riku, for those who don't know.

I have the teammate here with me now, and the boy, well, he went home. Sort of.

[He lifted a tiny book between his fingers, giving a lopsided smile over the thing.] Since he claimed this was his normal body so...

I guess he gave me his body, but there's no mind inside to talk to so...

I don't really like that trade much.

[He gave a laugh and scrubbed at his face, swiping at tears before they could start and more determinedly held them back.]

I know he's not dead, but what he told me about where he was in his little nexus of home worlds means that it's not very likely he'll be back this way either.

Ah, right. One last thing. Wherever you are in town Sensei, he left me a note. I think it has to do with what we talked about.

It says "Don't forget your light. I won't."

I don't know why I would but... [He closed the little book, looking rather determined.] I'll do my best not to let him down.

And if he comes back... I hope he remembers so I can ask if that was just his way of saying he'd miss me.

But, no tears. Tears always confused and upset him so, I just wanted to put the word out to anyone from where he's from, because I know a lot of you, and I know you'd want to know.

Later guys.

[The feed clicked off at that point, with Obito back to being solemn.]
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[Getting to Violet had been a bit of an adventure, with a few stops to let the pokemon rest, and to get together things needed in Cherrywood. Thus, it had taken a bit longer than strictly warranted, but they had still gotten back to Violet before the rest of the people they were meeting there.

Obito was honestly surprised this was the case, but had immediately put up the money for all of them to stay somewhere, since he had it, so that when the others arrived they'd had a place set up and ready too.

Now, with everyone finally assembled, more or less at least, it was time to let everyone he'd... sort of failed to actually reassure over the last few weeks know that he was okay. Thus, his goal when he turned on his gear, outside with his Charizard curled around his back as something to lean on, and a young Lapras in his lap.]

Hey, everyone. I know that over the last few weeks you guys haven't been hearing much from me, and I'd like to apologize for that.

There were some... issues with my traveling situation. For those of you I did talk to, I'm fine, and if I worried you, well, as you can see...

I'm good.

[If one ignored the bandage on his cheek, the bruise that was a brilliant color on his forehead that dipped down over his eyebrow, and who knows what else that was out of sight.]

And for those I was in the cave with... Let me know if everything's okay, would you?
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A simple concise image makes its way across the network... )

[Obito sent the message, then tried to keep the screen from flickering out on him. Again. After the first few... encounters... he'd lost all his fire pokemon into the system, then his electric ones, so they were running low on light sources. And it had only been two days. At least, he was pretty sure it was two days, the network had been super quiet and that was making it harder to tell.]

You think I should have done that differently?
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1. The Obito you all know and love:

[The video clicks on and Obito looks downright victorious, and... appears to be upside down? In fact, he swiveled his camera around so everyone could see he was hanging from a ledge just by his feet, which were just on it, no holds at all.]

I HAVE MY CHAKRA BACK EVERYONE! Now who were the people who needed proof?! Hikaru, Blake? Where are you guys? I will come there and demonstrate this thing! OH AND SOLLUX, TIME FOR THAT FIGHT MAN!

I need to see all you people, now give me a clue where to go while this is on!

2. The Obito you don't know at all and probably wouldn't love either:

[This place was definitely odd. It was also definitely not his previous locale, and he was far from thrilled at the abrupt turn around. Only one thing for it then, exploring.

At least it seems that the location had bothered to give him a proper cloak to cover his damaged clothing, that would help somewhat with the blending in efforts, and he casually set off down the street, deciding to treat this like a break... and to have a little fun with the locals.

If he was here anyway, might as well get something out of it, mmm?]

(Okay, so if you pick the top option it's with this account, anyone who picks the second one will get replies from [personal profile] shatteredwithinillusion who is gonna remember Route but be separate from the younger one, and anything he does will NOT be remembered by the kid. Have fun everyone!)
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[There is a lot of rustling around, and finally a bit of a clatter before any kind of visual turns on... and the first thing everyone sees is a rather smug looking Zoroark, one who looks like he's about to launch into trying to communicate with you all before Obito's voice is heard in the background.]

OI! Henge! Flip that around okay?

[Huffing, the gear is turned around, and Obito is shown standing fairly deep into mountain of carefully sorted eggs, which have sticky notes slapped on all of them saying what they are. He gave everyone a little wave once the gear was turned on him.]

So I had this brilliant plan to breed up some eggs so that I could try and help supplement the household funds, what with there being so many of us to feed and shelter and whatnot right? But I er, might've sorta kinda forgot that when my pokemon have babies they're really enthusiastic about it.

So I'm selling them all! [He waved his arms to encompass the room.]

Also, for those of you not interested in eggs, which would make me sad but hey, I can handle it, how many of you have had to get a handle on how you feel about people showing up from home and knowing that... all isn't well and there's nothing you can do about it?

Like, really really nothing you could do, even if you went home right this second.
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With Blake:

Chikorita: 4 (3 after Blake took one)
Synthesis, Tackle, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed

Hoppip: 2
Synthesis, Tackle, Reflect

Emolga: 3 (2 after Blake)

Munna: 7
Toxic, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Helping Hand, Sleep Talk,
Rain Dance, Thunder Wave, Light Screen, Signal Beam

Shinx: 4
Tackle, Thunder Wave, Charge, Take Down

Mareep: 2
Tackle, Swagger, Charge

Dratini: 2 (1 after Blake)
Ice Beam

Remoraid: 4
Thunder Wave

Carnivine: 1
Growth, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Sweet Scent, Worry Seed, Synthesis, Magical Leaf, Stun Spore, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Sunny Day

Petilil: 5
Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Synthesis, Worry Seed, Ingrain, Sweet Scent, Growth

Growlithe: 1 (0 after Blake)
Fire Fang, Charm, Bite, Headbutt, Roar, Take Down

Snubbull: 5 (4 after Yumi)
Roar, Take Down, Retaliate, Bite, Crunch, Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang

With Yumi:

Meditite: 1
Foresight, Endure, Frustration, Baton Pass, Magic Coat

Buneary: 2
Hidden Power, Fire Punch, ThunderPunch, Ice Punch

Timburr: 1
Pound, Foresight, Endure, Frustration

Buneary: 2
Pound, Leer, Low Kick

Dratini: 2
Wrap, Attract, Safeguard, Aqua Tail, Rain Dance, Twister

Feebas: 4 (2 after Obito and Kushina)

Lapras: 3

Charmander: 3

Sunkern: 4
Growth, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Giga Drain

Snivy: 2
Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Worry Seed, Giga Drain, Synthesis, SolarBeam, Leaf Storm, Growth, Natural Gift, Sunny Day

Skitty: 2
Tackle, Growl, Charm, Solar Beam, Faint Attack

Deerling: 1
Growl, Tackle, Attract, Charm, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge

Chikorita: 3
Tackle, Leech Seed

Ferroseed: 3

Swablu: 2

Scraggy: 1
Substitute, Sleep Talk, Swagger, Protect, Double Team, Round, Rest, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Toxic

Zorua: 1
Leer, Roar, Odor Steuth, Faint Attack, Embargo, Foul Play

Houndour: 5
Leer, Protect, Double Team, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Fury Swipes, Toxic, Dark Pulse, Faint Attack, Pursuit, Taunt, Foul Play, Torment, Embargo, Punishment, Nasty Plot, Counter

With Naruto:

Vulpix: 2

Snivy: 4

Ponyta: 1

Sentret: 3
Quick Attack

Dratini: 2 (1 after Naruto)
Pound, Leer

Treecko: 4
Leer, Slam, Safeguard, Thunder Punch, Agility

Meowth: 6
Scratch, Protect, Double Team, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Fury Swipes, Toxic, Dark Pulse, Faint Attack, Hone Claws, Taunt, Foul Play, Night Slash, Torment, Punishment, Nasty Plot, U-Turn

Purrloin: 3
Growl, Charm, Sand-attack, Faint Attack

Just Obito:

Swablu: 3 (2 after Minato)
Fly, Mirror Move

Petilil: 5 (4 after Sakura)
Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Synthesis, Worry Seed, Ingrain, Sweet Scent, Bind, Growth

Carnivine: 1
Leech Seed, Stun Spore, Sleep powder, Synthesis, Magical Leaf, Stun Spore, Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Growth, Sunny Day
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[The video clicks on to a majestic view with... a whole lot of water, and sky, and they're flying and he's the only one visible.]

Just so we're clear, I'm gonna be out of contact for a little bit! Leave me messages if you need me!

[The video clicked off a moment later, with him already fumbling with the settings.]

Video locked to Cianwood travel party left behind. )

Action part to Landing in Goldenrod )
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OKAY, who got to my Charmander?! [The camera of the gear gets directed... at a Charizard.] When I went to sleep she was tiny, and now she's HUGE!

And she still seems to be of a mind of refusing the idea of going in her pokeball. She's never been in one before and I have no idea how I'm supposed to go anywhere with her now since, you know, she's no longer small enough to carry.

Has this happened to any of you?!
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[He was sitting on the roof, having had some issues getting up there due to interfering pokemon, but he'd managed, and he was holding the gear so pretty much all he saw behind him was open sky.]

So. No one gets sent a pokemon that's as powerful as it can get without special training unless they've vanished. I checked, and they did, indeed vanish. So this makes two people who vanished this month and another one I've been unable to contact.

[He gave hie eyes a quick scrub, then yanked his goggles back into place, his forehead mark currently just a strop of the cloth. No need to totally give up caution.]

I want everyone to know that this month was pretty crappy, and I really don't approve. Just so we're clear.
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In Canon CR

Minato Namikaze
Sensei: ...SENSEI

Sensei is here! Like, with me!
..But he died too. I wasn't happy to learn about that.
I haven't asked him if he remembers, but he must, he is pretty happy about Naruto, right? Naruto said they died the same day he was born.
In any case, he's here, and he's a breeder too, and it's a relief he's here.
Takes the pressure off to try to support all the Konoha nin.
Not that I was doing all that good of a job at it.
But Sensei thinks I didn't do completely horribly, and that's enough.

Scale Of Awesome

Sasuke Uchiha
My Cousin: Because he so needs a keeper. I hope he figures out how to smile again.

My cousin was one of the first people I found in this place and he’s pretty neat.
He also doesn’t understand the concept of talking out his problems.
Or of just saying what he needs.
Or hugs.
But we’re working on it!
Around therapy session hug talks.
Now with new and improved other baby cousin tension. I don't know what to do.
Have you ever had moments where you wondered if you fuck up everything?
Yeah, that's me with Sasuke lately.

Scale Of Awesome

Genin! YOU WILL LEARN She's started to really turn into someone mature and trustworthy.

Tenten is a brat.
She doesn’t like anyone realizing she’s a girl.
She’s mean.
She does stupid things.
I’ll be nice to her anyway though.

She's been really good with Sasuke, until the most recent thing anyway.
She's been trying to trick me into a date for some reason.
I hope she gets I appreciate her being there.

Scale Of Awesome

Naruto Uzumaki
Shino’s Genin: Also, Sensei’s Kid.

Okay so he’s Sensei’s kid.
Who I was apparently going to never ever get to meet.
That sucks.
He’s like Kushina-nee.
No way that I need to worry about getting sads over Sensei because of him because hellooo, he’s not like him.
He’s nice though.
I take it back, he has Sensei moments.
Shino can keep an eye on him though, I have enough genin.
Even if he is Sasuke’s friend.

Somehow I've ended up being the third wheel in the Uzumaki/Sensei party.
Damn it.

Scale Of Awesome

Sakura Haruno
Teammate's Student: She's nice!

I still don't get what I said that upset her so bad before but...
She seems okay now and that's good, because I don't want her all twitchy at me you know?
Also, she's pretty cool and I wanna encourage that whole 'You don't wanna punch me' thing we have so far.

Scale Of Awesome

Cross Canon CR

Mitsukuni Huninozuka
Potential Sparring Buddy: No, really.

He confuses the tar out of me.
But in a good way!
Everyone needs to be a little confused from time to time or they won’t realize how awesome stuff can be.
No idea why he’s so obsessed with the sweets.

Scale Of Awesome

Evan (Repliku)
Faux Genin: No seriously, he might as well be a genin.

He’s pretty funny a lot of the time, and that’s good.
But he has a habit of throwing things at me.
Also, check in once in a while, I'm worried Tenten left you to die in a ditch somewhere.

Scale Of Awesome

Carter Blake
Crazy Dude: He's fun to confuse!

This guy... he's trying really really really hard.
And failing.
But he's trying and that counts for something right?!
Still, he's got his good points so he's alright in my book.

Scale Of Awesome

Philosophy Bro: All types

If I knew about his double identity thing that would be awesome, but I don’t.
Instead I shall just be happy to talk to him when he crops up at random because he’s pretty neat really.
And needs more hugs.
HE CAME BACK. He was gone by the way, but he's BACK NOW!
Excellent. Though I'm baffled what he could've talked to Itachi about that made him so surprised that I knew him.

Scale Of Awesome

Tony Stark
Machine Dude: He’s funny

We’ve talked a couple times and he seems all kinds of interesting.
And like he really really likes women too.
And has weird moral choices.
But he’s alright.
He also knows me as a picture in a box.

Scale Of Awesome

Cool Dude: AKA my weapon dealer. Shhh.

He’s pretty kick ass, and we haven’t talked a lot, but yeah.
Weapons man!
I so owe him a favor.

Scale Of Awesome

Dude: He died too

I owe this guy a parfait.
I bet he doesn’t think I was serious but I fully intend to give him a dessert.
Because no one should have to be sad and think no one cares.
He was shocked by the treat! He shouldn't have been, seriously, but he was.
It works out though, it means that I can still surprise him.

Scale Of Awesome

Prankster? He tries.

Sora is pretty cool, and really supportive.
He’s been taking care of my cousin from what I have put together, and that’s good.
He also gets that I can wedge in where Sasuke wouldn’t let anyone else.
So, Sora’s pretty cool, in an awesome, needs work on his stealth kind of way.
ALSO, he's a lot smarter than he comes off as.
He could have been a good shinobi I bet.

Scale Of Awesome

Cranky Dude: He’s funny though!

So we’ve talked a few times and I have determined he needs more hugs.
Hey people who know him better than me! Give him more hugs.

Scale Of Awesome

Some Dude: Free crash space man

Honestly though, Riku’s pretty cool.
He’s just way busy so I’ve never really had a serious conversation with him.

Scale Of Awesome

Comrade: Same Side Combatant: Sasuke's Confidant:To a point. She better not hurt him again.

She’s rusty in some areas, but seems to be willing to listen to advice as needed.
She needs to work on her trap skills though because seriously.
Determined to see things as her way and no one else's.
Unaware of the value of fact checking and paying attention to those who have her respect and trust.
Willing to let her anger destroy people.

Closed in person who doesn't realize when she's the one who needs to make the next move.

Scale Of Awesome

Jinguji Ren
Former Housemate: He’s nice.

He’s a musician, I know that much, and he’s a nice guy.
Still, he’s a civilian and I feel bad for him for being in hiding too.
They’re so not built for this stuff.

Scale Of Awesome

He Tries: Really Tries.

He seems to have good intentions, but he seems to get stuck at the idea I’m a kid.
Very, very aggravating.
No. Make that infuriating.

Scale Of Awesome

Winry Rockbell
Helper! or Fixer?

One of these days I’ll actually talk to her with a problem she can fix.
So far, hasn’t happened though.
She's really nice to talk to though!!

Scale Of Awesome

Steve Rogers
Acquaintance: Prank Plans.

I fully intend to figure out how to con this man into a dress.
Don't ask me why this is a goal, it just seems like a worthy one.
And it will be hilarious

Scale Of Awesome

Twilight Sparkle
Curious chick: She left an impression.

I kinda feel for this girl.
Every time I talk to her I seem to horrify her in some new, previously unexplored way.

Scale Of Awesome

John Egbert
This dude: He's entertaining!

Every time I talk to him he goes off on a tangent about the oddest things.
It's not unlike talking to Gai again.

Scale Of Awesome

Miyako Inoue
My Admirer: What do?!

She's a nice girl, kinda quiet though.
She doesn't have to be scared to tell me she likes me!

Scale Of Awesome

This Guy: Not sure...

I just keep seeing this guy around.
No idea what I think of him though....

Scale Of Awesome

Original Code
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[It's him, though only the goggles were in view, his headband having been neatly adjusted so that it was just dark blue cloth and the metal plate was quite hidden in the folds of material. It was definitely long enough for it. He was also lounging back on a bed with a blank wall behind him, his charmander dozing on his chest]

So. How many of you have had a moment where you're sitting there going 'when the hell did I become the smart one?'

I mean, I've never been stupid, but things have been ridiculous lately.
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[Unlike last time, the video comes on to a face of disgruntled teenage Uchiha.]

So I know a lot of you guys out there know my cousin, since he's been here months longer than I have, and I seriously gotta ask you guys this. Why does no one travel with him?


Annnd that's the whole of it! Just wanted to know that cause it seems silly that he doesn't seem to have a travel buddy anywhere. OH! Right. Also, Uchiha Obito, Obito being my personal name. Hi.

[Then he clicked off the gear before his charmander could make a grab for it like she looked like she was about to.]
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[Oddly enough, the gear is set down on the table, his goggles mostly obscuring the rest of the room where his Charmander and newly evolved Servine are off to one side having some sort of staring match. The voice that came over the line was indisputably human though, and thoughtful.]

I've been in this place for nearly a month now. A lot has happened in that month. I've met family, I've met friends, and I've realized that my life wasn't as much of a failure as everyone always liked to tell me it was back home.

My teammate, the one I died for, and yes, I died before I woke up here, very thoroughly and messily I might add, apparently changed his entire life based on a few things I said to try to be more like me. He even uses a phrase I screamed at him once as a motto I've heard. I kind of want to see what he's like without being so bitter, but that clearly won't happen unless he shows up here.

But... Everyone else forgot about me. I'm just that guy that gave my famous teammate his Sharingan, an eye for the unaware, and I'm not even known for my own name. My baby cousin, the one here, hadn't ever heard of me. That's my own fault, in some ways, I died before he was born, but did I really do nothing worth mentioning after my demise?

It was a war, and a lot of people die during wars, I know that, and I know I've made a huge difference in the world just by a final set of actions, but... I'll never see it. I'm not sure it's satisfying.

I'm afraid to ask if anyone but that teammate made it out of the war. What if no one knows? What if no one wants to say?

But I'm drifting off topic here.

What I wanted to say was that I don't think that just pokemon change from level to level. A whole different personality to go with a whole new body, right? How many people feel like that happened to them too?

So yeah, a lot of things happened since I got here, good things, bad things... but who else feels like they were changed in some permanent way just by getting here?
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This is the Entry for all the spawn of Obito's pokemon.

Katon: First Clutch February 14th with Pyre - 5 eggs (2 shiny)
1. [personal profile] usedswift: Ryuseisui
2. [personal profile] istheindustry: No direct link available.
3. [personal profile] timelymaid: Ruby
4. [personal profile] razputin: Lark
5. [personal profile] replantsflowers: Unnamed

February 27th 2013:
Katon: Second Clutch. First with Mei - 6 Eggs all Buneary
1. [personal profile] cakelover: Bun-chan
2-6. NPC

Henge and Yin had their first clutch - 5 eggs, 2 Zorua, 3 Absol
1. [personal profile] usedswift: Kaidan
2. [personal profile] gunkonmyboot: ?
3. [personal profile] backtobasics: Senri
4. [personal profile] onelevelmeaner: ?
5. [personal profile] usedshooshpap: ?

Hyorogan and Hua Had their first clutch - 5 Eggs, 3 Petilil, 2 Bulbasaur
1. [personal profile] usedswift: Ye
2. [personal profile] viiru2alert: Not directly linkable
3-5. NPC

Kiyohime and Tobi had their first clutch - 5 eggs, 3 Dratini, 2 Charmander
1. [personal profile] guardianjoker4: ?
2. [personal profile] islandsky: Not a direct link
3-5. NPC

Raiton and Mokuton had their first clutch - 6 eggs, 1 Emolga, 5 Snivy
1-6. NPC

March 13th 2013:
Senshi and Raiton had their first clutch: 6 eggs, 1 Emolga, 5 Oshawott
1. [personal profile] usedswift: Senko
2. [personal profile] notchinese: Ulrich
3. [personal profile] fairycircle: Sugar
4-6. NPC

Kiyohime and Getsukage had their first clutch: 6 Charmander Eggs
1. [personal profile] when_turks_fly: no direct link
2-6. NPC

Tai and Hiruzen had their first clutch: 5 Buneary Eggs, 1 Shiny
1. [personal profile] naive_nature
2. [personal profile] divinewind
3. [personal profile] brbmakingfriends
4. [personal profile] belphe
5. [personal profile] falseshore

May 13th, 2013
With Blake:
Hashi and Spiro Agnew had: 4 Chikorita, 2 Hoppip
1. [personal profile] lieutenantantichrist
2. [personal profile] ragnarok_strike
3-6. NPC

Raiton and Mark Wahlberg had: 3 Emolga, 7 Munna
1. [personal profile] lieutenantantichrist
2. Katara to (Robin) Dick Grayson
3-10. NPC

Hiraishin and Carter Blake had: 4 Shinx, 2 Mareep
1. Katara to Dick Grayson
2-6. NPC

Tobi and Rachel had: 2 Dratini, 4 Remoraid
1. [personal profile] lieutenantantichrist
2. [personal profile] naive_nature
3-6. NPC

Michelle and Wana had: 1 Carnivine, 5 Petilil
1. [personal profile] newberktown
2-6. NPC

Hosenka and Steve had: 1 Growlithe, 5 Snubbull
1. [personal profile] lieutenantantichrist
2. [personal profile] notchinese
3-6. NPC

With Yumi:
Tai and Creeper had: 2 buneary, 1 Meditite
1. [personal profile] queenbeeyotch
2-3. NPC

Tai and Jim had: 2 buneary, 1 Timburr
1-3. NPC

Tobi and Sonrisa had: 2 Dratini, 4 Feebas
1. [personal profile] itsjustdust
2. [personal profile] aswirlofspirit
3. [personal profile] belphe
4-6. NPC

Kiyohime and Ness had: 3 Lapras, 3 Charmander
1. [personal profile] itsjustdust
2. Katara to Dick Grayson
3. Jean to Cobra
4-6. NPC

Edmund and Kajukai had: 4 Sunkern, 2 Snivy
1. [personal profile] islandshore
2. [personal profile] soundmind
3-6. NPC

Odd and Lizaveta had: 2 Skitty, 1 Deerling
1. Jean to Cobra
2-3. NPC

Hashi and Barb had: 3 Chikorita, 3 Ferroseed
1-6. NPC

Altaria and Scraggy had: 2 Swablu, 1 Scraggy
1. [personal profile] aflashoffaith
2. Mayu to Joonhee
3. NPC

Henge and Reaumur had: 1 Zorua, 5 Houndour
1. [personal profile] angerpoints
2-6. NPC

With Naruto:
Mokuton and Kurama had: 2 Vulpix, 4 Snivy
1-6. NPC

Katon and Haruno had: 1 Ponyta, 3 Sentret
1-4. NPC

Tobi and Konohana had: 2 Dratini, 4 Treecko
1. [personal profile] used_friendship
2. [personal profile] angerpoints
3-6. NPC

Henge and Tora had: 6 Meowth
1. [personal profile] onelevelnicer
2. [personal profile] digitalorunknown
4-6. NPC

Sasuke and Lizaveta had: 3 Purrloin
1-3. NPC

Obito Only:
Kaida and Fuuin had: 3 Swablu
1. [personal profile] aflashoffaith
2. Jean to Cobra
3. [personal profile] enjoymyatelier

Hyorogan and Wana had: 5 Petilil, 1 Carnivine
1. [personal profile] punches
2-6. NPC
itsjustdust: (And you see how awesome!)
[Have a super super overexcitable Obito on your gear, oh yes.]

Two things. First. Rin, where the heck are you? You didn't say you were leaving Goldenrod and I'm HERE!

Secondly. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Ahem. I'm fourteen today. Fourteen and the highest ranked Shinobi in this place. Today is good.


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